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Thanks, Gandhi!

January 30, 2011

My husband is working today due to a special event celebrating Gandhi.  My sister thought this sounded especially odd.

Sister:  Is Gandhi going to be there?

Me:  No.  Gandhi’s dead.

Sister:  Yeah, I guess he wouldn’t be there then.

Me:  Probably not.

I took all four of our kids to church by myself.  We were running on time until my oldest decided he had to use the bathroom as we were walking out the door, so we were late.  It only got better when I rolled my ankle in the parking lot wearing the shoes my doctor recommended. 

We sat in the foyer because I didn’t want to walk any further and knew I would just have to carry my 2-year-old out anyway.  While I turned my head to talk to someone, I looked back at my boys and one of them was near tears, obviously because his brother hurt him. 

Me:  What happened?

Son #2:  He punched me!

Son #1:  Well he punched me!

Me:  Why did you punch him?

Couldn’t quite hear what he said, but it had something to do with the couch. 

As we were leaving, my daughter had a complete meltdown because she wanted to go out the door on the opposite side of the building.  She threw herself to the floor and I had to carry her limping to the van. 

Son #1 asked if he could watch a movie when we got home.  Um, no.  I told them they had to behave if they wanted to watch a movie.  He responded by kicking Son #2 as soon as I turned my head.

Of course, this is all pretty much Gandhi’s fault.

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