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Busy Day

January 31, 2011

A summary of my day:

Finished making treats for my piano students this morning

Taught three piano lessons in the morning

Picked up two of my boys from school, grabbed myself a gyro, and returned to the school for back to back parent teacher conferences (went well)

Came home to clean and taught a voice lesson

Taught two more piano lessons

Came home and realized we had nothing decent to have for dinner

Begged husband to run out and get us a pizza while I at least cooked some veggies

Looked for a last minute FHE lesson

Talked to a girl about bartering for voice lessons.  She really wants to learn but is short on money.  I would be happy to exchange it for babysitting or help cleaning.  She was thrilled with that idea.

I LOVE my students.  I always come home feeling refreshed.  It made my day to hear that one of my 5-year-old students said, “I wish I had piano lessons every day.”   I’m so grateful to have something like this that enriches my life and helps support my family too.

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