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February 3, 2011

I find myself in a rather grumpy mood when I wake up to songs that annoy me.  Twice last week, I woke up to “Talk Dirty to Me” by one of those bands where the guys rat their hair and wear make-up.  Motley Crew?  Poison?  They’re all the same to me.  My husband has the radio set to a station that plays quite a variety of music, some of it good.  I was pretty happy when I woke up to “I Will Follow” by U2. 

This morning I woke up to “Ironic” by Alanis Morrissette.  I can’t hear this song without thinking, “Almost none of those things are ironic!  You’ve simply made a list of things that suck!”

Rain on your wedding day?  Not ironic.  It does suck.

Black fly in your chardonnay?  Am I even spelling that right?  A fly in anything is definitely gross, but not ironic.  Qualifies as another thing that sucks.

Death row pardon two minutes too late.  Sucks big time.

The good advice that you just didn’t take.  Sucky.

I think I counted maybe two things that were ironic.

Was it ironic that I woke up to that annoying song this morning?  I bet Alanis would say yes.  Is it ironic that she does that thing with her voice?  You know, that thing.  How to describe it ……  Almost like a partial yodel.  Whatever it is, I can’t handle that sound at 5am.  It was pretty funny though how I misinterpreted the lyrics to her angry break-up song.  “The cross I bear that you gave to me.”  It sounded like “cross eyed bear that you gave me”.  And here I thought she just really hated that stuffed bear he gave her. 

It’s way late and I have all of these “ironic” things to do like dishes.  But first I’m going to put a CD in our alarm clock so I won’t want to throw it first thing in the morning.

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