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Willy Wonka’s River

February 3, 2011


In the last year or two, I started making hot chocolate from scratch with actual milk.  It’s very hard to go back to the mix now.  Just when I thought it couldn’t be more delicious, I went to Borders with a friend.  Seattle’s Best Coffee located in the store serves something called the “cocoa trio”.  Hot chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate syrup on top of that, shaved white chocolate, and then the final touch is a chocolate stirring stick.

My hot chocolate suddenly seemed inferior, so at our next girls’ night, I added some shaved Swiss chocolate (a potato peeler actually works nicely for this) and we were in Heaven.  My friend’s husband said, “I’m used to hot chocolate tasting like chocolate flavored water.  This tastes like it came out of Willy Wonka’s river!”

For one serving, I use a tablespoon of “premium cocoa”, 2 tablespoons sugar, a dash of cinnamon, and mix those together with two tablespoons of water.  Heat that up in a saucepan on low until it’s steamy, then add a cup of milk, stirring again until steamy.  Take it off the heat and add a little splash of vanilla, then garnish it with delicious things.  My kids love to come home to the aroma of chocolate in our kitchen.

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