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Birthday Breakfast

February 5, 2011

One of my sons turned 7 today and I took him out for breakfast – just me and him.  Instead of ordering a kids’ meal, I let him get the cinnamon roll french toast and cracked up when he got full after two bites.  That’s because he downed his chocolate milk so quickly.  It was a bit of a drive and wait, but worth it.  It gave us more time to talk.  To amuse ourselves, I tried both types of Tobasco sauce at the table plain.  He laughed at my pained expressions.

One of my favorite things about this restaurant is their no cell phone policy.  The menu says, “No cell phones please!  If you are so important that you have to talk on the phone while in a restaurant, then you shouldn’t be eating here!  Mute the ringer please.”  Love it.  I’ll never forget the time I was sitting in a bathroom stall when the person in the next stall said, “Hi.”  I thought, “Are you seriously making conversation with a stranger now?”  I said, “Uh…..  Hi.”  Then I realized this person thought sitting on the toilet was the perfect time to call someone. 

Is there a book on cell phone etiquette?  It’s really getting to be a nuisance.  At times I do wish I had one, but I was glad to have no interruptions while spending time with my son (who is now too cool to hold my hand in public).

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