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An Act of Kindness

February 7, 2011

The sickness continues in our house.  This morning my two oldest sons woke up crying and started vomiting.  Later my husband and I started feeling a little queasy – we weren’t sure if it was from being grossed out, but now it’s pretty clear.  We have the virus.

Still, I had a rather nice day (before it hit me).  I brought an old book of mine for my students to try and one of my friends said, “This is my mom’s favorite song!  I can’t wait to play it for her!”  Another friend was pleased to play something by Bach instead of the usual beginner songs that most people don’t really want to listen to.  The best was when the little boy I teach said, “I get to play something by Bach?”  He grinned.  I love that kid.  I don’t think he has any idea how wonderful he is.  He has such a good heart. 

I napped for a couple hours this evening and am still trying hard to distract myself from the nausea.  Once I start vomiting, it is very hard to stop and it sometimes ends with a trip to the ER, probably due to the disease I have.  So I was catching up on Faceb0ok and read about my friend’s trip to discuss a clinical trial for his cancer.  His last version of chemotherapy caused a severe allergic reaction.  I started to cry when one of his friends offered to fly his wife out here to be with him while they keep fighting it.  This is especially wonderful because her dad is fighting cancer too and lives here.  In fact, he was saying his goodbyes before Halloween after doctors had tried everything.  He was given two weeks to live and his leukemia cells decreased unexpectedly after ending his chemo.  It’s almost 4 months later and he’s still alive.  So amazing.

I know that whatever I have is going to pass quickly.  How can I even complain with everything they have gone through?  I’m so grateful that my friends have so many people who love them and take care of them.  It’s been a very long battle.

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