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Feeling Loved

February 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day was great!  I woke up to my 7-year-old son giving me a Valentine he made.

I taught piano and received treats from my wonderful students.

I volunteered in my son’s 1st grade class and brought raspberry lemonade made from scratch to go with their party.  A friend of mine gave me an electric citrus juicer, so I just juice some lemons, add sugar and water, puree raspberry, put it through a strainer, and add a bit to the lemonade.  It’s amazing how little raspberry you need.  The kids loved it!  My son was so excited.  He kept saying, “I’ll see you tomorrow in my class at 11!”  He lit up when I walked in the room and then he asked me to join him for lunch.  How could I refuse?

I realized last minute that my 3rd grader’s class needed some fruit, so I helped in his class too.  He was pleasantly surprised.  I love that my kids are still at an age when they are happy to see me.

A friend of mine is on crutches.  When I told her I was going to get some heart shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy’s, she said she wanted to do that too, so I just picked up a couple and delivered them to her.  I remember being in that position and picking up pizzas definitely wasn’t one of my skills.  She was so happy.

I taught some more lessons in the afternoon, came home to cook the pizzas and give my family their Valentines, and I was given a lot of chocolate.  Would you say I have a plethora of chocolate?

My family is used to me cooking something major for Valentine’s Day, but that was a little difficult this year.  I’m going to cook something amazing tomorrow night!  Don’t know what yet, but it will be delicious and possibly hated by at least two of my children. 

How was your Valentine’s Day?

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