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A Soft Spot for Bowie

February 21, 2011

I love David Bowie.  Seriously.  There’s something so soothing about his voice to me.  I loved him even more when I saw him on a show where he answered questions between songs.  He seems like such a nice man.  He said he keeps his lyrics by him because if he doesn’t, then he’ll forget.  Even when he was supposed to be a creepy guy in Labryinth, I loved this song.

I can’t say I have loved every song he’s ever sung, but when I caught part of this fashion show and saw he was going to sing, I got so excited.  I wondered though, who were all of these other musicians on stage with him?  So cool that they had such a variety of instruments.  I didn’t know yet that everyone on stage but him were part of a band called Arcade Fire and that he agreed to sing for the show only if he could perform with them.

They started to play “Wake Up” and it was instant love. 

 I even had to hold back tears when I saw the look on Bowie’s face.  At first I thought maybe he was just being dramatic, but he looked very emotional to me.  I read about it later and he had just returned to the stage after his heart attack.  I had no idea he had gone through that.  What a great way to come back!  I have come to love Arcade Fire too and I don’t think I would know who they were if it weren’t for David Bowie.

Whatever people say about him and however he is rumored to live his life, I will always have a place in my heart for Bowie.  In fact, “Under Pressure” is my labor theme song. When it’s time to push, it makes me smile and gets me a little more energized to do what I need to do. “Heroes” was another song I used to inspire myself.  I was determined to go without drugs for my babies and figured I could be their hero “for just one day” (or a week as it turned out with my first son).   My husband and I have joked about inviting Bowie to my next labor.  (Only I wasn’t joking!  David Bowie, you can seriously sing it live for us at the birth of our next child!)  Under Pressure was the first song on my pushing CD and our daughter was born to it.  Shows how quickly I delivered her.

On another Bowie note, I got to see Flight of The Conchords with my best friend.  Some time before that, I ran into a song called “Bowie” on Youtube and said, “Oh pleeeeeease let this be about David Bowie!”  It is.  So hilarious.  They mimick him so well and the different phases of his music.  I would love to know what he thinks of it.

So here we were at the concert and Bret asks, “Does anyone have any requests?”  We both screamed, “BOWIE!!!!”  He said, “Sorry, we already started playing.”  During the beginning of the next song, Bret said, “This is Bowie, only to a different tune.”  He was lying.  It was not Bowie, dangit.  Finally, the teases played Bowie for us – I think it was the encore.  I think they were secretly pleased that we requested it because most fans want Business Time (which is also awesome). 

I could ramble all day about music.  I can’t imagine my life without it.

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