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Flock of Bad Hair

February 22, 2011

I was watching Psych when I heard this song.  I remembered it and loved it, but wasn’t sure of the title.  After googling the lyrics, I found it.  “Space Age Love Song”.

But wow.

That hair. 

Those sunglasses.

The awesome dancing.

Best to listen to this song with your eyes closed otherwise it seems way less cool.

Speaking of Psych, I love that show –  especially the 80’s references.  I used to watch the edited for TV version of The Breakfast Club over and over again, making multiple references to Judd Nelson and his flared nostrils.  When the main character Sean mentions this exact thing, I just about died laughing.  I laughed even harder when Judd Nelson guest starred.  I guess he wasn’t offended by the observation.  The ability to poke fun at oneself is one of my favorite qualities. 

I was born in 75.  Is it weird that I’m that into the 80’s?  I have a brother 6 years older than me who always had control of the stereo and TV.  When my friends got into “bands” like New Kids on the Block, it was kind of a nightmare.  One of my friends had her entire wall covered in magazine clippings of Donny and Jonathan, and uhhhhhh …… those other guys.  We went to church dances and I would run to the bathroom covering my ears when their songs came on.  We still had plenty in common though like spending hours trying to get our bangs to “go right” (make them look as dumb as humanly possible while spending who knows how much on AquaNet). 

I love that I can still enjoy 80’s music, but without the pressure of expecting my hair to defy the laws of gravity.

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