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The Story Behind My Header

February 23, 2011

I know, so many people dying to know about my header.

The picture was taken by me and it’s actually quite amazing that I figured out how to make it into a header on here because I’m not very tech savvy and I’m especially not WordPress savvy.  It was taken on one of the best days we ever had together as a family.  Snow is actually kind of rare in Seattle.  We usually get a little bit every year, but not always enough to go sledding or make a snowman that will last more than a day.  When it does snow, it’s absolutely gorgeous, but makes for some very hazardous road conditions and people make fun of us for our inability to drive in the snow.

Because we get it so infrequently, we can’t justify great expenses for plowing and de-icing the roads.  The main roads will be done, but it’s not all that helpful when the side roads are big sheets of ice and you live at the top of a hill.  I remember our road was closed when my husband was working nearby and I was pretty close to my due date with our third son.  He came home and asked, “Are you in labor?”  “Uh, no.”  “Good, because I wouldn’t be able to get you to the hospital.”  He spent the rest of the evening making sure I didn’t exert myself in any way.  “Stop folding laundry!  You might go into labor!” 

Anyway, we have a tradition of going to a nearby tree farm and cutting down our own Christmas tree.  We usually go out for breakfast first and warm ourselves with hot chocolate, then the hunt is on.  It is so much fun.  It was December 1st and as we ate our breakfast, snow started to fall.  By the time we got to the farm, there was a beautiful dusting on the trees, the kids were catching snowflakes on their tongues, and it was just so perfect.  The roads weren’t even dangerous yet, so we had no worries as we drove home with our tree that looked so good, people thought it wasn’t real.

Today is a snow day.  We got some last night and then the school district made automated phone calls at 6am to say that it was closed.  There is no snow on the ground, so I’m assuming another part of the district must be in a pocket that got it worse.  Is that all you got, weather?!

This means our dentist appointment is still on.  The kids will be so happy.  Do you think this is a bad time to eat some Oreos?

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