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36 Years

February 28, 2011

Today is my birthday.  I’m so grateful to make it through another year with so many memories.  This is the age my aunt was when she passed away.  Last year I woke up and sobbed when I realized I was only a year younger than she was then.  I held back tears on the way to play with the kids tonight at one of those fun inflatable toy places when I thought of her again.  I hope I have many more years with my family, but with so many tragedies that have touched us, I know we can never assume that there will be a chance later to do what we put off.

It was a wonderful day.  First I got up early and played some Wii Fit, passing two more advanced levels.  Then I taught three piano lessons and got to have lunch/dessert with my mom.  I thought about my friends who lost parents this year and how they had no idea months before that they were celebrating their last Christmas together, birthday, Mother’s Day, etc.  I was so grateful to have today with her.

I taught two more piano lessons later and came home to a living room decorated with purple balloons and streamers, plus new luggage for my upcoming trip!  I get to go visit my sister by myself.  I can’t wait.

The kids were so excited that I wanted to take them to play for my birthday.  It’s so much fun to watch them enjoy themselves and they burned a lot of energy too.  We came home and had some ice cream cake, plus I saw there was peanut butter and chocolate ice cream in the freezer from Baskin Robbins.  Looks like I’ll have to play extra Wii tomorrow.

Friday night, we had a girls’ night.  Such a fun time.

Saturday, one of my best friends went with me to shop for pants.  While I was trying them on, she was being sneaky and buying me a gift card!  We have been friends since junior high.  That was so nice of her.

The fun isn’t over yet.  We still have a pinata to whack and another dear friend is coming over on Wednesday to make me dinner and one of her Heavenly chocolate cheesecakes!

I feel so loved.

I’m dedicating this entire year to my aunt who always thought of others and was one of the most determined people I know.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of her death, making every birthday a little tearful for me.  During her last years, she was in a wheelchair and married to a man with major issues.  I have seen perfectly able-bodied women stay with abusers, but when he hit her (while she was in a wheelchair!), she left.  He didn’t hold down a job either, so with her modified van, she got a paper route, woke up her 3 children at 5am, and they delivered papers together.  She later went to live with her mom who took care of her until she passed away.  Even while she was bedridden, she didn’t complain and she would ask how my day was, listened to my petty, teenage problems, and she was always so grateful.

I have a lot to learn from her and hopefully still so much life to live.

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  1. February 28, 2011 10:47 pm

    I would love to hear more about your aunt.

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