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Cell Phone Mishaps

March 24, 2011

I don’t love cell phones for many reasons, but I would have to say that endangering other people’s lives would be my #1 reason.

The majority of the time I see near accidents now, someone is on their cell phone.  In fact, my husband was just watching an episode of Mythbusters and their study showed that people talking on cell phones are potentially as dangerous as drunk drivers.  (I wonder how many drunks like to drive while talking on their cell phone?)

My husband and I took a drive on a beautiful day to visit family years ago.  While traveling on one of our many scenic highways, we were following a car and watched with amazement as we realized the driver didn’t notice their lane ended.  As they chatted away on their cell phone, they probably drove on the shoulder for at least 3 minutes until they almost hit the end of a guard rail.  Lucky for them, we had given them plenty of room to swerve back onto the highway without injuring anyone.

Since then, it has become illegal in our state to use a cell phone while driving unless you have a hands free set, but that didn’t stop the person who texted while merging onto the freeway, almost merging right into me.  I try to assume now that everyone is using a cell phone while driving and I approach green lights with caution in case they didn’t notice their light was red.

The clip above makes me want to scream.  The mom doesn’t know what to do about her daughter texting and driving? 

Who gave her the cell phone?

Who lets her drive the car?

A parent’s job is to discipline their children no matter how much it will tick them off.  Either take that girl’s phone away or give her a bus schedule!  Texting is not a need.

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  1. March 24, 2011 7:50 pm

    I’m so glad my children were all grown and some with children of their own before cell phones became cheap enough to give to 9 year olds!

    In a recent set of panels of the comic Zits, Jeremy’s girlfriend rearends his van while he is at a stoplight because she happened to just look at her cellphone because someone had just texted her. She was at first chagrined and then livid to discover that the person texting her was her boyfriend Jeremy. He was texting while stopped at a traffic light.

    It’s a good thing that the comics are bringing the matter up, too.

  2. March 25, 2011 12:04 pm

    Haha!!! That’s hilarious. I hope that will make an impact on someone. It surprises me how many people from older generations are even becoming obsessed with texting.

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