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Loss of a Friend

March 31, 2011
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An old friend of our family passed away today after a long batter with cancer.  He was a great man who raised 9 wonderful children.  It’s hard to sleep knowing how devastated they all must be right now.  I’ve known the family since I was about 4.  The thought of this world without him just doesn’t seem real.  So many memories of him as my teacher, my ride to seminary, and visiting with him at his home.

It’s comforting that he’s not suffering anymore and I’m grateful that he lived 5 months longer than his doctors said he would.  Less than a month ago, he was able to baptize one of his grandchildren with some help.  What a sweet experience that must have been.  He had been given two weeks to live, but after he went off chemo, he improved unexpectedly.

What I will miss the most about him is his smile and hearing about his love for the scriptures.  He was always so passionate about that.  I’m off to soak my pillow with my tears.

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