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Easter Rant

April 23, 2011

I love celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but I do not love:

Overpriced Easter candy

Easter baskets that are difficult to store

Fake grass that will mess up my vacuum

Plastic eggs.  And since when did they start putting little holes in them?  I live in Washington!  If you put M&M’s in a plastic egg with little holes and they sit in wet grass, well, that was kind of pointless!  Why spend that much on pastel M&M’s if no one can eat them?  And I tell myself every year that I should keep the plastic eggs, but then the kids scatter them all over the place and I just toss them, only to be annoyed that I’m buying them again the next year.

We’ll have an egg hunt on Saturday with the ward.

Then the kids will wake up to candy from the Easter bunny the next morning.

When we go to visit family later that day, there will be another egg hunt with more candy!!!!!!

So I bought a basket for my daughter and let the boys use shopping bags.  They just want the candy.  They don’t really care how they get it.

I’m saying no to Easter grass.  I refuse to spend another cent on that stuff.

In addition to some candy, I decided to put some mini carrots, raisins, and fish crackers in some of the eggs to lessen the annoyance of my kids having so much candy. 

Then there is the pressure to dress up your daughters.  My daughter has worn hand-me-downs until this year, but I finally bought her a dress today that I chose, but she can wear it through the season, so I’m OK with that.

With our budget being tight, it’s really frustrating to think of blowing $50 on food that has no nutritional value. 

I’m going to attempt to be a non-grumpy Easter bunny now.  :P

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