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A Sense of Entitlement

May 1, 2011

My normally very laid back husband yelled at someone at the park today.  It has multiple fields and while one was crammed with people flying their remote control airplanes, another had a sign clearly indicating that no aircraft were to be flown there.  He took the kids to that field to play when a couple of middle-aged men decided they were above the rules and proceeded to fly their plane on the field.

Our daughter ran quite far away and our son asked if he could run over to where she was.  My husband said, “Sure.”

As our son started to run towards his sister, one of the men had the nerve to yell at him that he was in their way.  No, it was not in a “I’m concerned for your safety” sort of way.


First of all, our kids were there first.

Second, the sign said they weren’t allowed to fly their plane there.

Third, he thinks it’s OK to yell at someone else’s child?

My husband got REALLY mad and said something like, “DON’T YOU YELL AT MY KID!!!!  YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE ANYWAY!!!!!”  Our oldest son chimed in, “There’s a sign right there!” 

The guy sheepishly said OK and of course, didn’t actually leave the field.  He went to the other end.   Just as my family was leaving, an employee walked over to the men and told them they weren’t allowed to fly the plane there. 

I don’t understand people who have a sense of entitlement.  What exactly made these guys more important than everyone else?

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