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Making Business Cards

May 15, 2011

I’ve been asked, “Do you have a business card?” quite a few times lately and it’s about time I have some made!  I figured out how to make them using Word, so now I just have to tinker with the design and perhaps make a website to direct people to for piano lessons, voice lessons, wedding music, etc..   It will be a lot better than, “Here.  Let me write down my number on some scrap paper for you.”

It will also come in handy when people try to get services out of me for free.  I’ll just hand them a card and tell them it contains info about my rates and policies so we can avoid awkward conversations like, “Um ….. Are you thinking I’m going to do it as a service or are you planning on paying me?”

I feel like I have grown these last 8 months or so when it comes to the difficulty I have promoting myself and asking for payment.  I have hope that I will be able to do a better job asserting myself in all aspects of my business.

Next challenge:  Explaining to my students that it’s standard practice to require two weeks notice when lessons are going to be discontinued even if it’s temporary.  I had two students tell me right before payment was due (one a day before and the other just hours before the lesson) that their lessons were either ending or being put on hold.  Giving me time to fill those spots would be proper etiquette, but I would definitely waive that if they were facing a sudden financial hardship.

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