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Powerful Words

June 5, 2011

Our testimony meeting today was wonderful.  We heard the sweetest words from three girls who are going into Young Women’s and one of them broke down as she expressed her gratitude to her Primary teachers who taught her so well.  Among quite a few others, another sister spoke and said she didn’t feel worthy to do so because she has struggled in her faith, but she was deeply touched by the effect the Gospel has had on her children.  They joined the church just a couple years ago and she said it has given her daughter the strength to make the right choices when faced with peer pressure.

I was so happy to hear from her and I wondered how many others feel like they have to be perfect in their faith to get up and share their thoughts.  Years ago we had a woman visit us during testimony meeting.  When she witnessed others getting up to testify of Christ, she got up too.  She said she was just looking for a new church in her area and added, “It’s so great that everyone can get up and testify!”  I loved it.

After our meeting today, I saw a lady who was very emotional because she was so inspired, feeling that she needs to get her children involved in the church.  I’m so grateful for the people who had the courage to get up and speak today.  You never know the impact your words will have on someone.

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