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The Joys of Having Sick Children

June 7, 2011

Only a mom would sit on something wet and think, “I hope that’s pee.”

I went to the store to get some Gatorade and popsicles for my son who has been throwing-up.  When I returned, I sat down on the couch for a bit and when I stood up, I noticed my pants felt damp.

I asked, “Why is the couch wet?”

“He threw-up on it.  But don’t worry.  We cleaned it up with some Clorox wipes.”


“Those have bleach?”

“YES.  I just sat on bleachy barf with my new jeans on!”

Hopefully they survive.  And hopefully I’ll survive this week.  That’s one sick child with three others and a husband to go.  Not likely I’ll avoid it either and I’m supposed to sing on Sunday.

I should go to bed.  The chances of waking up to a screaming child covered in vomit are high.

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