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A Nice Request

June 21, 2011

It was a rather chaotic afternoon as I tried to finish up another load of dishes and make dinner while getting interrupted with requests repeatedly.  Dinner was late and I was trying to get my oldest son off to Scouts.  My pleas for the table to be cleaned off were ignored, my daughter was flinging stuff all over the place including an apple she partially ate without asking, another son was wailing that he couldn’t get a light to turn on (you would think someone had died), and my daughter’s response to being asked to pick up her apple was, “Never!”  After a couple warnings, I followed through and sent her to bed.  Meanwhile, my husband came home deciding it was time to bring up the heavy air conditioner from storage and needed help with that.

I was just starting to unwind when my near vomiting son (who was no longer going to Scouts) called me from his room.  I thought, “Ugh.  What now?”

He just wanted a hug.  Out of all of my kids, he is still the one who likes to be cuddled the most.  I was happy to fulfill his request and turns out I needed a hug too.  And I was extra grateful I wasn’t being called to his room to clean up puke (again).  Hallelujah!/*knock on wood*

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