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Not One of My Talents

July 9, 2011

After contemplating a different furniture arrangement for a week, I decided last night was the night.  With limited space, it’s a pain to do these things with the kids around, so I waited until they went to bed and decided to do my husband a favor by not involving him in the chaos.  We got a new, awesome couch from a friend that was roomier for our family, but it was pretty much wedged between the fireplace and the piano.  I was going to have the couch and the entertainment center switch places, but that presented some other problems – a light switch being blocked and we wouldn’t feel the breeze from the AC coming from our bedroom.  I would also have to move our framed pictures.

I suddenly realized I could try moving the entertainment center to the left and put the piano next to it.  I couldn’t find the measuring tape and wasn’t 100% sure it would fit in that space and was even less sure when I couldn’t move it over as far as I wanted to because it would have blocked a much-needed outlet.  Scooting the unit over was much more difficult than expected and I had to take it completely apart.  Of course that meant I had to remove everything.  With the jumble of wires from our TV, VCR, Wii, digital converter box, DVD player, record player, receiver, and more, I had a near disaster trying to just move the TV onto the floor.  I had to pull out all of the wires including the surround sound.

I was up until 7am!  I successfully put the entertainment center back together after a lot of grief and the piano barely fit next to it.  I then went to bed for 3 hours and woke up to my kids sounding amazed by the transformation.  I was also able to move our new bookcase next to the couch and still push it away from the fireplace.  My kids said, “You deserve a nap!”

After we vacuumed the three-inch layer of dust where the piano was (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating), we worked on connecting all of our electronics back up.  That was hilarious, but I did figure out the wires for the surround sound.  I gave up on trying to make the DVD player and Wii work until my husband got home, but we were able to watch something on VHS.  My husband came home an hour or two later and quickly made sense of it.  He’s a natural at these things.  It probably would have taken me hours to figure out (after a nap).  I am pretty proud that I was able to move around heavy objects by myself.

What are you naturally good at?

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