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Another Type of Judgment

July 12, 2011

There is the type of judging of others that involves negative thoughts about them, but I am realizing more and more that hurt also comes from judging people as having the perfect life.  Why?  Who wouldn’t want to be thought of in that way?  The problem is, no one has it perfect and we might not reach out to people who look like everything is fine.  They’re well-dressed, have a smile on their face, a nice home, brand new vehicles, etc., so we might conclude that they don’t need anything.

I was sad to discover that a friend who looks like she has it all together actually feels isolated and like she doesn’t fit in.  You would never guess it.  Because she is so amazing, you would think that she is always surrounded by friends and bombarded with offers to help her.  This has brought me back to my goal to pray every day that I might know who I can help or reach out to.  It also struck me how many of us are feeling lonely and we could end that by making a phone call to each other.  A note on Facebook just isn’t as personal.  For me, nothing beats knowing that someone wants to spend time with me.

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