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Movie Pet Peeve

July 25, 2011

My 7-year-old son has been begging me to let him watch Dr. Dolittle.  I told him I would need to review it first and make sure it’s OK.  I finally got around to it last night and was annoyed to discover that this movie that attracts children isn’t appropriate for them.  He loves any movies with talking animals, but these animals were saying things like, “Isn’t that the biggest *ss you’ve ever seen?”  And no, it was not referring to a talking donkey.  It was referring to a woman who was bending over.

It’s not funny enough to be geared towards adults either.  Hello?!  Since when do adults like watching movies involving animals with dumb voices?  Just who is your audience?

I had to tell my son “no”.

Even worse was the movie “Kangaroo Jack”.  It’s rated PG, yet there’s a scene where these guys are wandering through the desert and when they run into this woman, one guy thinks she’s a mirage.  He grabs her breasts and says to his friend, “They feel so real.”  She just stands there looking dismayed.  Wow.  What an excellent lesson for children.  The whole movie was total crap and I couldn’t find any contact info as to who was responsible for it.  I have no idea how that movie got a PG rating.

Another movie I hated was “Cat in the Hat”.  It should have been 100% geared towards children, but they had to sneak in things that I’m assuming the adults were supposed to laugh at.  Example:  The cat steps on a hoe and says, “Dirty ho!”  Of course, that’s over the kids’ heads, but as a parent, I found it offensive that they put it in a kids’ movie.  Also, it wasn’t funny.  The whole movie was blah and I prefer to remember the story in book form.

Dear Movie Makers:

One of our jobs as parents is to make sacrifices and that involves sitting through movies that aren’t our favorites.  Please don’t inject vulgarity or adult humor for our benefit.  We can watch something we like later.  Also, there are some children’s movies that successfully entertain us just fine.  I have watched “Tangled” repeatedly because it’s creative and funny with charming characters.  You are really out of touch if you think the content found in the movies I mentioned is OK for kids.

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