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Cutco Knives

July 30, 2011

How do people get away with scamming when we have the Internet?  A quick Google search can show you what you need to know before you hire on with a “business”.  I know two teenagers who just signed up to be reps for Cutco.  I can’t believe they fell for it!  Even more, I can’t believe their parents didn’t encourage them to do two minutes of research!

Kids, Cutco targets you because they think you don’t know any better.  They will teach you to use manipulative language like, “I thought you would be one of the people who is nice enough to let me come over and do a demo.  You don’t have to buy anything.”  That is to imply, “If you don’t watch my demo, you aren’t nice.”

You need to know that your sales calls can get you in trouble if you call people who are on the Do Not Call Registry.  Just because you are acquaintances doesn’t mean you are permitted to call them up and bother them about expensive knives they don’t want.  I spoke with a gentleman at the FCC after a Cutco rep woke me up at 7am (referred to me by a “friend”).  That’s another issue.  If you are going to make sales calls and someone is not on the Do Not Call Registry, you still need to call during the hours permitted by law.  You could get fined and I’m sure you won’t want that on top of the knife set that was supposed to bring you so much money (but didn’t).

It won’t take long to exhaust your list of family and friends and you’ll find people running in the other direction when they see you coming.  There is a better job out there for you.  I promise!  My friend was scammed by these guys years ago and it just blows my mind that they’re still doing it.

Now take your overpriced kitchen scissors you bought from them and cut your losses.  I’m begging you.  And do your research next time!

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