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Politics and Racism

September 29, 2011

The other day my cousin made a negative comment about Morgan Freeman, so I did a google search to see what he was talking about.  In short, he said that Tea Party members are racists because they want to kick Obama out of office.


I love Morgan Freeman, but this statement is wrong and doesn’t help race relations at all in our country.  I am not a member of the Tea Party and have never been to a Tea Party meeting, but I don’t think their dislike of President Obama has to do with the color of his skin, but is just carrying on the tradition of Republicans and Democrats wanting the other out of office no matter what.

I’m white and I wanted Bill Clinton out of office.

Plenty of white people wanted George W. Bush out of office.

Throwing around accusations of racism seems rather manipulative to me and it also strikes me as racist that white people can’t dislike Obama as much as they would dislike a white president.  If I were president, I would want to be treated the same as any other president.  Don’t protect me because I’m a woman.  If I can’t handle criticism of my policies, then I shouldn’t be president.

I’ll believe we have risen above racism when we stop reading into everything as being racist.  President Obama managed to get elected.  If he doesn’t get reelected, I believe it will be for mostly legitimate reasons.  However, the country is in such a big mess, I don’t think we will have any two term presidents for a while because people want instant fixes and will point the finger at whoever is in office.  And when things finally do improve, the opposing party of the current president will be howling that it was the previous president from their party that got the ball rolling in that direction.

Sometimes I think if I didn’t hate politics so much, I would get involved in it.  It’s just so frustrating and hard to trust anyone.



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  1. September 29, 2011 10:23 pm

    Maybe politics would be better if people like you got involved in them :-)

    Unfortunately I do think that our governments have for the most part evolved into oligarchies and meritocracies, an unfortunate fulfillment of prophecy and of the iron law of oligarchy.

  2. September 30, 2011 3:29 am

    Good article. Honestly, I don’t expect much better from Morgan Freeman. He has been an outspoken lefty for quite some time. I agree with your analysis, but here’s the shocker.
    I’m not voting for Obama!

    His policies are all failures. They have lessened our nation economically and have eroded our status as Americans. He is an internationalist, displays socialist characteristics and is most likely this country’s fist Muslim president.

    I suggest that you purchase a copy of, “The Post-American President” by Pamela Geller.

  3. September 30, 2011 12:39 pm

    Thanks, Nicolas. Maybe when my kids are grown, I can get more involved on a local level. I do write our representatives, but can’t help feeling like it’s falling on deaf ears because they’re only interested in doing what will help them keep their cushy job. I would love term limits for senators.

    David, thanks for your comment. I didn’t vote for Obama, but I hoped he would be a president we could be proud of. He has disappointed me a great deal and I have found that with some people who previously supported him too. I understand the intentions in trying to get healthcare for everyone, but I hate the way the bill was passed and the content. As it is, many doctors won’t take medical coupons and that plan involved dumping a lot more people into state programs that are already overwhelmed. In Washington State, they even had to cut enrollment in half of our subsidized program that people pay into! The waiting list was over 22,000 the last I heard just to apply.

    We’re told that people who can’t afford it will be on a program, otherwise you will be fined for not having health insurance. Well who gets to determine what I can and can’t afford? Do they take debt into account or simply your income? I’m worried for my friends who don’t have medical insurance, that they will be fined on top of their financial struggles. No one was given adequate time to look over the bill, not even the people who signed it. A friend said to me, “Well, it’s not like you were going to read thousands of pages.” Then why put out a bill that is thousands of pages?! That’s my job as a citizen, to give my two cents about things that are being signed into law. All she hears is, “Free healthcare!” It’s not free.

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