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Fall Stress

October 4, 2011

I am so stressed right now.  September brought countless things we needed to pay for – school supplies (almost $300), school pictures (another $60+), my son starting orchestra, fees to join the PTSA, husband getting called to Scouts (therefore needing an expensive shirt, patches, etc. – around $80) five relatives having birthdays in the same week including my 12-year-old son who is no longer satisfied with simple toys.

I’m watching our account like a hawk hoping there aren’t any pending charges my husband didn’t tell me about because after rent clears, we will have about $14.  The fact that I need to see a doctor and don’t have money for the co-pay or medication until payday makes this extra frustrating.

Yesterday I needed to bring my son a lunch to school because he was staying for a fundraiser after the half day.  I started making a peanut butter jelly sandwich when I discovered the giant jar of jelly was gone and after I spread the peanut butter on, I realized the bread was a little moldy. Thank goodness I had tortillas!  I made him a quesadilla and bought a gallon of milk later to get us to payday.

Our anniversary is this month.  Every year I think we will finally go on a little trip together, but all the costs from September make it impossible, plus I’m already worrying about Christmas.  It will be our 15th anniversary and we haven’t had an overnight trip anywhere since our honeymoon. Even then, that was only possible because my friend’s family has a cabin and let us stay there.

My husband’s work said no one can do overtime anymore and I’ve had piano students cancel this week because it’s so hectic with parent teacher conferences.  And of course it’s not like they’re going to say, “Oh, but let me run a check over to you.”

The financial stuff – that’s just part of it.  My sister lives in another state now and has been having preterm labor, we had two curriculum nights, a car wash fundraiser a week after school started, two service projects to be a part of for Scouts, our daughter has regressed in her potty training, and a close friend died leaving four children behind.  Dealing with my grief on top of everything else is so hard.

I’m hoping October will bring many unexpected blessings to compensate for the lameness of September.


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