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Speed Trap

December 9, 2011

I have never had a speeding ticket or been pulled over for speeding.  Never had any kind of ticket.

This morning I was driving my son to a new doctor in a town I’m not familiar with.  It was dark, foggy, and wasn’t sure if I would find it OK.  I at least gave myself plenty of time and drove like a grandma all the way there.  

While driving under the usual speed limit, I suddenly noticed some yellow flashing lights and only knew a split second before that I was in a school zone.  There were no children in site, no crossing guards – nothing.  But here I was probably driving 25 just as I’m passing the “photo enforced” sign.

I would much rather be pulled over and state my case to a police officer.  I am not a speeder and I take school zones very seriously.  There wasn’t a flash, but it might use a video camera and now I’m paranoid that I will receive a $124 ticket within the next couple weeks.

We have a new red light camera in town and it seems to be causing more harm than good.  People are slamming on their brakes as soon as it turns yellow because the flash goes off before it turns red. It also take some time to get through the intersection because it is four lanes, so people also gun it.

I’m not loving the cameras.

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