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What’s So Great About Ron Paul?

January 8, 2012

I’m seeing more people singing the praises of Ron Paul.  I don’t get it.  Years ago a friend talked about him and the first interview I saw, I thought, “Oh my gosh.  This guy is a senator?”

These words came to mind when I first heard him speak.




As I heard more about him, I would read or watch videos people linked to, wondering if maybe the first clip I saw wasn’t a good representation, but it only solidified my first impression.  As an example, watch this video.

I think there are good reasons to object to a national ID card, but he throws it out there that he’s “guessing” the government would put GPS chips in them.  You mean like how the State of Washington put a GPS chip in my drivers’ license?  Oh, that’s right.  They didn’t.  The interviewer asks what the purpose of that would be and he says so they can watch everything we do.


Exactly how much manpower would it take to track everyone with a national ID card?  It seems whatever solutions are offered to fight terrorism in our country, he views it as a conspiracy to rob us of our freedom.  I think submitting to a urine test in order to be employed is more invasive than an ID card, but people do that every day, including everyone who joins the military.  After that, you’re subjected to random drug tests.

He talks an awful lot about “the government” and conspiracies for someone who has been a part of the government for decades.  My questions for him would be, “Why should I trust you?  You’re a part of the government.”

He mentions video cameras being on the streets and why don’t we just put up more to catch criminals and since their might be child abuse going on, then why don’t we just put video cameras in people’s homes too?  What a silly response.  A camera in our homes would be a violation of our privacy.  In public settings, there is no expectation of privacy and nothing to fear if you’re not committing crimes.

True that he is anti-war, but I couldn’t vote for him even if it meant my brother getting out of going to Afghanistan for a year.  I received that heartbreaking news on Thanksgiving.  He served in Iraq for a year and it was hard on all of us, but he felt like he made a difference there.  He met people who thanked him for being there and when they had their election, they had a larger voter turnout than the U.S. even though their lives were threatened if they dared to head to the polls.  Americans can’t even comprehend that.  Imagine finding a death threat on our doorsteps telling us we will be beheaded if we exercise our right to vote.

Ron Paul talks about “blowback” – the reason we are terrorist targets.  OK, what about the “blowback” that happens when evil dictators gas their own people and cut off their water supply?   If we just let those evil dictators do their thing and mind our own business, then 9/11 wouldn’t have happened?  The things he says give me the impression that only our bottom line matters.  Our finances.  Our freedom.  I doubt an attitude of indifference towards other countries would improve our likability.

I watched an SNL parody last night of the debates.  The interviewer asks Ron Paul what he would do if there were puppies in a burning building.  He said, “It’s none of our business!  Those puppies should burn.”  He replies, “You stuck to your guns.  Your weird old guns.”  I laughed so hard.  I know he wouldn’t really say that about puppies, but the “weird old guns” line rang true with me.

Other things I have read:

He wants to legalize prostitution.  Gross.  Why?  What good could that possibly do for anyone?

He wants to legalize drugs.  So it’s even easier for kids to get their hands on?  Bad idea.

He wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve.  I’m still not sure what kind of system he wants to replace it with.

Add to that this news about racist newsletters written years ago and I’m totally confused.  Why does anyone want Ron Paul to be president?  I know, he had a ghost writer, but allowing something to be printed in his name without looking it over doesn’t give me a sense of trust that he will do a great job either.

What are your opinions about Ron Paul?  I’ve rambled long enough.

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  1. January 8, 2012 12:28 pm

    I think the main disconnect between Ron Paul and people who are not exactly getting what he is saying or casting him as some sort of a paranoid conspiracy nut is a misunderstanding of what personal freedom and liberty is about. This combined with an ignorance of what the constitution actually says would make a person think that he is a little overboard. However if one takes the time to truly grasp that personal liberty is the right to do anything with your own life so long as it does not disrupt the rights of others, and sees that the constitution is a document which intends to bind government from our personal affairs then they may get a fresh perspective. All one needs to do is look at the bill of rights, then look at the patriot act and realize that those in Washington are working tirelessly to strip us of what many have laid down their lives to protect all in the name of security. Ron Paul is rising in the polls and gathering more and more supporters because people are now beginning to see that this country has grown significantly less free in the past ten years and seems to be pushing on full steam ahead towards what Germany became during World War 2. Keep in mind that the jews continued to put up with the laws being passed not wanting to be paranoid, then they put up with being shoved in the ghettos, then they put up with being put on trains and we know where it went from there. Sadly people of our generation do not believe that this could ever happen again, but sadder still is that every generation that has lived to see their government turn totalitarian did not believe it either.

    • January 9, 2012 10:07 am

      Thanks for your comment! I believe personal freedom is important, but it can be argued which actions affect others. I believe prostitution and drug use do hurt others and not just the user, so I don’t see any justification for legalizing either.

      I don’t think the government is trying to strip us of our rights, but is trying to protect everyone from harm like an overprotective parent. For instance, there are real concerns about airline safety because of 9/11, but I think it has gone overboard with the body scanners and pat downs. I think the intentions are good, but we can’t eliminate all risk in life. I would rather have my dignity.

      Sometimes when I hear Ron Paul speak, he says some things I like, but then he takes it too far and loses me.

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