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Bizarre Reaction From Josh Powell’s Cousin

February 7, 2012

I was outraged to hear the news yesterday that Josh Powell killed himself and his children.  I know he hadn’t been charged with a crime yet and perhaps the state’s hands were tied, but it seems that if they were able to order supervised visitation, that would be grounds enough to have the visit in a controlled environment rather than on his own turf.  

I was even more furious to read about his cousin’s reaction to Josh’s actions described here.  I know it’s hard to imagine a relative being capable of such a thing, but it’s time for his family to stop trying to protect him.  You think cyberbullying led to Josh’s actions?  

Murdering his wife led to the cyberbullying!  

I haven’t read to what extent he was cyberbullied, but people don’t tend to act rationally when they know a murderer is walking free among them.  Nothing he could say would change their opinion because it was obvious.  All they needed was to find Susan’s remains and Josh was going to jail.

No one takes a 2 and 4-year-old camping in a blizzard at midnight.  That is one of the worst alibis I have ever heard.  He said he loses track of time easily when a reporter asked him why he left so late to go camping. So he couldn’t tell it was pitch black and snowing heavily?  That didn’t inspire him to look at his watch when he had a couple hours to drive?

He knew his dad had major issues, yet he found his home to be an acceptable place for his children to live?  

Police say he never cooperated with the investigation.

If you had a loved one go missing, would you move away from the area a month later if you were really set on finding them?

When his dad talked in an interview about Susan being “sexual” with him (I think he misread “repulsed” as “sexual) and the interviewer relayed that to Josh, you can see a look of shock on his face, but then he proceeds to throw Susan under the bus and side with Dad.  He says, “She’s very flirtatious.”  That’s what a loving, grieving husband says about his missing wife?  Police said it was a flat out lie. Susan described her father-in-law as creepy and weird, which he clearly is.

Let’s not insult all of those who have been hurt by attempting to blame others.  Josh was the cause of this senseless tragedy from the start.







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