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Dear Chase

April 4, 2012

Dear JPMorgan Chase:

Years ago I banked with Washington Mutual and I automatically became your customer when they went under.  Due to medical bills and the trials of the economy, we found it necessary to use our credit card to survive.  Our interest rate was about 9%.  We paid on time every single month and always more than the minimum.  Suddenly we got a letter from you saying our interest rate would be going up to 14%.  Wow, what a kind thing to do to all of your customers, I bet most of which were already suffering.  I called and asked why.  There was no reason.  I said I had been offered a balance transfer deal and if you couldn’t keep my interest rate where it was, I was going to take it.

Your representative said indifferently, “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

That was maybe three years ago.  My balance was about $10,000 and it took us this long to pay off our card.  I’m not very good at math, so how much do you think you lost in interest because I transferred my balance?  Probably a couple thousand.  I had a 0% introductory for a year and then about 9% after that.

Yesterday when I made a deposit at your bank, the teller said I was eligible for a credit card.  Of course I said no because I gotta do what I gotta do, right?

Really, the only reason I haven’t switched banks too is because I’ve had my account number pretty much my whole life and I don’t want the hassle, but keep in mind that I will do it if I receive that kind of treatment again.  Wells Fargo is begging me for my business.  Seriously, they won’t stop calling and bugging me and have even offered me $50 to switch.

As for credit cards, you will never see another penny from me.



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