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House Search Update

June 12, 2012

We found a realtor we like.  She isn’t pushy at all and she’s very patient.  She understands that it’s going to be a longer process for us.  She also has a great sense of humor and thinks it’s hilarious when I talk about putting something ridiculous in our offer like, “The shopping cart stays!”

So there’s this fixer in our neighborhood and we can’t get in to see it because the bank has to replace the deadbolt.  There’s a tree growing too close to the house that will need to be removed, the outside needs to be painted, a window has a board on it because a homeless person broke in, and they left a shopping cart in the beautiful, overgrown backyard.

We are prepared to live in an ugly, but functional house.  In fact, we welcome the idea because my husband is super handy and we could probably turn around and sell the place for $100,000 more.  The windows need to be replaced, we would need new appliances, the paint is in bad shape, the floors need to be refinished or replaced, etc.  We’re hoping that it’s possible to do the VA loan.  Now if the bank would just make it possible to see the inside, that would be great!

We call it “the dreamy house”.

We also looked at a short sale that reeks of smoke.  The owner keeps coming back to steal light fixtures, rose bushes, etc.  My parents went for a walk in the neighborhood and saw him doing it.  I’m betting he snags the air conditioner next.

We still haven’t fully settled on a lender and for some reason I don’t feel like it’s quite time to go through the full application process.  Maybe there’s a lower interest rate ahead or a great opportunity in our future.  Exciting to think about, but I’m nervous!  I feel like there is something for us here, but then we’re taking a risk that we might have to change school districts in the middle of the year.

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