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I Feel So Proud!

July 10, 2012

One of my best friends has had a really rough time.  She has been looking for a good job since 2006 or 2007.  After a long medical leave due to her diabetes, she got laid off when she came back.  Her unemployment ran out, then she tapped out her 401k, had to pay a big penalty for that at tax time, and things progressively got worse.  She isn’t married, doesn’t have children, and she was accustomed to helping her elderly parents financially.  She hasn’t been home to see them since 2006.

She is almost 60 years old and is pretty set in her ways.  Years ago when her computer got a virus, she had to pay over $100 to have it removed.  She finally scraped up the money to purchase Norton, but I told her there were some free options out there.  She had some doubts about that.

So yesterday I was on the phone with her and she said, “This thing is popping up that says ‘Security Shield’.  Is that real or is it a virus?”  I said, “It’s a virus!”  Once again, she let Norton run out and she didn’t replace it with a free program.  She couldn’t get any websites to work because the messages wouldn’t stop popping up that her computer was infected and she better purchase their product now to fix it.  I asked her what version of windows she had and did a search for “How to get rid of Security Shield Windows 7”.  I found a YouTube video with very blurry picture, but I could hear the guy’s instructions well enough.

There were many comments on the video thanking him profusely because it worked.  I had a simliar problem months ago and wished so much that I had found something back then. I had to reinstall my operating system.  Such a hassle!

So, he said first to open the control panel and type “hidden”.  It would bring up an option to show hidden files or folders.  Select the option to show them.  Then go to “computer” click on the C drive, click on users, then on your user name, then on app data (I think that’s what it was), then local, and then you should see a short name with a little shield logo by it.  You have to rename it, then you shut down, and when you start up your computer again, find the file you renamed and you can then remove it.

It totally worked!  After that, I convinced my friend to download the free version of AVG, it got rid of some malware, and today it’s running great!  She really needs her computer to continue her job search.  I can’t believe how easy it was to remove the virus!

Here is the video that saved the day.


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