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Politics Brings Out the Worst In People

September 10, 2012

There was a couple who used to live upstairs from us and they were very anti-Bush.  One of their stickers had a picture of a gas pump that said, “Remove Bush’s feeding tube.”  My husband had stickers that didn’t have anything pro-Bush, but military things that might give the impression that he is a conservative.  The woman was pretty unfriendly to us, but somewhat civil.

Then came the day it was announced that George W. Bush won his second election and she left her apartment looking furious.  I was walking towards the building with my little boys and as she started to get inside her truck, she said, “Watch out!  They’ll be sucking fumes!”

Bizarre.  I just shrugged my shoulders and kept walking rather than address her hostility.

This is the first election I have witnessed with a Facebook account and I am seeing a lot of, “Is there a way to make poliltical posts disappear?! and, “I’m going to defriend some people until the election is over.”  When I see a political post, I just scroll past it if it bugs me.

When a friend asked last night if there was a way to filter out the political posts, I couldn’t resist.  I said, “No, and it’s Obama’s fault.”

I will be surprised if Obama wins because I think people have unrealistic expectations that a president should “fix” things.  With our debt, the best we can hope for is improvement because there is no way we can climb out of it in just four years.  I think we will have one term presidents until there is drastic improvement.

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